Millworker's Minigame - Instructions

You are Anna Caruso, a struggling young Italian immigrant working in the Boylston Textile Mill, a giant New England factory. The year is 1906. Your job is to efficiently run a series of weaving machines that spin thread into cloth. The better you are, the more money you make, and you need every penny to survive. It's a job that requires lots of concentration and quick reflexes!

First, you will be in charge of up to four weaving machines. Each one has a red holder that that you need to keep fed with BOBBINS OF THREAD.

You'll need to choose which kind of CLOTH to make on each machine: COTTON DUCK, POPLIN, or FANCY TWILL. Each kind has benefits and drawbacks.

Of course, when threads break, you'll need to fix them and get the machines running again as soon as possible.

Don't let the bobbins sit'll lose money. And watch out for those fast-moving shuttles! Injuries are frequent.

Good luck! The welfare of your family is at stake!

Download a PDF copy of the Millworkers Minigame Instructions.