Video Problems

There are several points during Past/Present where video clips are incorporated in the game. This feature can break sometimes, depending on the browser used and whether your institution restricts access to our video sites. This page will help you work around any problems you may have with watching videos in the game.

During gameplay, Past/Present uses videos served by Vimeo. If you or your students can't access them, they should follow these instructions:

  1. Switch browser windows from the game to
  2. Go to this page: www/
  3. Choose an alternate video player below and watch the correct video.
  4. Switch back to the game. If the game is stuck, REFRESH the browser (F5 on PCs, Cmd+R on Macs) to continue playing the game.

The first set of videos appear before any gameplay occurs, right after users have selected the character they will be playing. Choose the prologue that's right for you.

Work Minigame Tutorials

Before beginning work at the mill, players will be instructed in how to play their character's work minigame. Choose the tutorial that's right for you.


At the conclusion of the game, a series of Epilogues tell what happened to your character. Consult our table of Epilogues to find the one that reflects your experience.

If you continue to have problems, contact us at We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to include your operating system version (for example: Windows 7, Mac OS 10.4) and browser type.