Mill Manager's Minigame - Instructions

You are Walter Armbruster, the ambitious young manager of the Boylston Textile Mill, a big New England factory. The year is 1906. Your job is to maximize mill profits by efficiently turning raw materials (flax, cotton, wool) into cloth for customers throughout the U.S. It's a job that requires lots of concentration and quick reflexes!

First, you will have a QUOTA of ORDERS from customers that have to be filled. Find them in the beige box in the upper right corner. Each order will list how many BOLTS OF CLOTH need to be produced. You must DRAG the orders into the warehouse box on the lower right to begin work.

You'll need to choose which RAW MATERIALS the mill should purchase and spin into BOBBINS OF THREAD in the spinning room. Find them in the "Spinning" box on the left. Available raw materials are FLAX, COTTON, and WOOL.

Then you'll need to pick which textiles will be created from the available bobbins of thread. The two weaving rooms in the bottom center need to match your raw materials.

As you produce bolts of finished cloth, the WAREHOUSE on the lower right fills up with material. Click on each stack to load up the truck. When you have enough to ship an order, do it!

Good luck! The financial health of the mill is at stake!

Download a PDF copy of the Mill Managers Minigame Instructions.