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Flexible enough to perform in a variety of educational environments, Past/Present has been designed to promote students' historical reasoning, foster cooperative learning and intellectual teamwork, and teach the use and interpretation of primary sources. Perhaps most importantly, the game has been designed to appeal to and engage a wide variety of learning styles, recognizing the differentiation that occurs in middle-school classrooms. With characters that reflect conflicting points of view on controversial issues, incorporation of primary sources, and ethical problem-solving, Past/Present fulfills the mandates expressed by state and national frameworks - and does so in a richly engaging, developmentally-appropriate way.

Teacher Resources

We've assembled a variety of resources to help educators best make use of Past/Present as a power tool in their history classes.

About the Game

Find out more about Past/Present.

Teachers' FAQs

Why you should consider using Past/Present in your classroom.

Quick Start Classroom Guide

Everything you need to get Past/Present up and running for you and your students, including classroom setup and teaching strategies.

Teacher Keys and Resources

Find answer keys and background information about every aspect of Past/Present gameplay.

Classroom Launch Guide [pdf]

Download the full teachers' packet with keys and cheat sheets, information on how to set up your classroom for ideal play, and detailed teaching strategies for incorporating Past/Present into your lesson plan.

Student Materials [pdf]

Over a dozen readings, assignments, worksheets, and background essays that tie in with the game and can be assigned to students on a nightly or in-class basis.

Alignment with National Standards

How Past/Present aligns tightly with national social studies frameworks.

Video Resources

See video tutorials, promos, and watch actual scenes being played in full on our Video page.