Postcards from the Great Divide

2016, 9 x 10 mins, executive producers Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, and Paul Stekler
Postcards from the Great Divide is a series of nine short documentaries produced by leading American independent filmmakers that examines the deeply partisan split among the American electorate, providing clues as to what happened in rhe 2016 elections. Traveling to key locations across the US, the series provides a greater understanding of how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come.

Read more about the significance of the series in the aftermath of the 2016 election in IDA Documentary Magazine.

Postcards was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Latino Public Broadcasting and released in a digital partnership between PBS' Election 2016 initiative and The Washington Post, with a subsequent PBS broadcast on the World Channel.