Louisiana Stories

The Ends Of The Earth

A touching and humor-filled portrait of a remarkable piece of America's last political kingdom - Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, a racial and ethnic gumbo in the swamps ruled for over 60 years by the all-powerful Perez family and the notorious Judge Leander Perez. The documentary focuses on the first elections in years, which toppled the Perez dynasty in 1980.

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Mosquitoes & High Water

This award-winning video examines the unique history and culture of one of America's least known ethnic groups, the Spanish-speaking "Islenos" who live in the bayous east of New Orleans and are celebrated for their tradition of decimas long, descriptive ballads about events in their past lives or notorious local characters.

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Buckwheat's World

Louisiana zydeco legend Stanley Dural Jr, better known as Buckwheat Zydeco, still spends much of his life on the road, spreading joy wherever he and his band appear. Our new web series, now live on YouTube, creates a portrait of this amazing artist as well as his southwest Louisiana culture.

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