Imagine a learning experience where players are thrust into the everyday hustle and bustle of life in America a century ago. That's what happens in Past/Present, a fully realized interactive 3-D "virtual world" in which a player "becomes" a fictional character, or "avatar", who is caught up in the big issues of the early 1900s.

Chintz or Shag? from People Like Us

What does your living room say about you? Do you favor big fish tanks and new Persian rugs or a gun rack over that really comfortable Naugahyde recliner? Do the things on your shelves scream "old money," "blue collar," or "smack dab in the middle class?"

Play our "Chintz or Shag?" game and test your class tastes. Choose the decorations for our fantasy living room and see what our extremely class-conscious judges say about who YOU are!

Home Run Derby from Small Ball

You've seen Barry, Mark and the Babe do it. Now you can test your skill in the ultimate hitting challenge. Play our Home Run Derby game with the best small ball players in the universe. Take a whack at honing your skill and going down in Little League history as the latest Sultan of Swat. It's easy, fun and you don't have to leave your seat!