Watch Favorite CNAM Clips

Anti-Thomas Jefferson Attack Ad from the 1800 Presidential Campaign

Think negative campaigning is something new? Think again! Imagining what attack ads would have looked like 200 years ago.

25 Years of American Tongues

A charmingly argumentative elderly Cajun couple trade insults in perfect Cajun-accented English.

Wacky Tokyo Love Hotels

Take a glimpse into the bizarre world of Japan's love hotels with this tour from Shin Ami, one of the leading love hotel designers of the 1980s.

Childbirth - The Adventure Begins

Hilarious and candid childbirth stories from a great selection of mothers.

Gnomes R Us

Pat Gulden runs the largest concrete lawn-ornament store on the Eastern Seaboard.

Edwin Edwards, The Silver Fox

The rise and last hurrah of Louisiana Governor Edwin W. Edwards, the most skillful Bayou State politician of the modern era.

"A dying race" - two Boston Brahmins converse

Is this the way Bostonians talked a hundred years ago?