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Ep 101: The Dance

"The Dance" reveals how art and technology are forever engaged in a push/pull dialogue that advances creative enterprise. Scientists and engineers learn from artists while artists use new technologies in unexpected ways. A choreographer/engineer teaches robots to dance. A physicist uses jazz to understand the universe. And more.

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Ep 102: Material World

It’s not only the things we make, it’s the materials we make them with that turns "stuff" into art. Discover the cutting edge of materials science and watch as glass is forged into playable cymbals, an array of found objects becomes breathtaking sculpture, and banana leaves are transformed into fabric for the haute couture runway.

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Ep 103: Everything New is Old Again

Artists and musicians have always seized on innovations in technology to advance their own creativity. Whether it's the development of paint in tubes, which permitted Impressionism to flourish, or the promise of AI to remake fine art, cutting-edge practices eventually become another tool for creators to express their dreams.

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