Confluence > Episode 102: Material World

Zoe Laughlin

Designer, maker and materials engineer, exploring the art and science of stuff.

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Tod Machover

Composer and inventor exploring the ways music and technology interact.

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Michael Stern

Mechanical engineer and designer working at the intersection of glassblowing and digital design.

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Nick Cave

Artist working in a variety of media to tell stories linked to social justice.

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Bisa Butler

Artist who creates larger-than-life quilted portraits that engage with history.

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Iris van Herpen

Artist-designer whose work mixes nature, art, science, dance and architecture.

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Matt Shlian

Paper engineer whose sculptural forms are inspired by organic material and iterative patterns.

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Amy, Kristen, and Mindy Engevik

Gastroenterologists who use immunofloresence to study and treat cancer.

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Daniel Rozin

Digital artist who creates sculptures that have the ability to respond to the presence of the viewer.

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Luis Flores

Artist who creates sculptures with yarn that interrogate American masculinity.

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