Confluence > Episode 103: Everything New is Old Again

Jérôme Neutres

French museum curator and art advisor.

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Guy Ullens

Pioneering Belgian collector of digital art.

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Miguel Chevalier

French multimedia artist who focuses on computers as a means of expression.

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Elias Crespin

Venezuelan kinetic artist who creates sculptures that float in space.

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Leonel Moura

Portuguese artist working with robotics and AI.

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Khalil & Ahmed Abdullah

Self-taught game designers and developers of SWIMSANITY.

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Jenova Chen

Video game designer of JOURNEY and other innovative games.

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Joshua Bell

Grammy Award-winning violinist and music director.

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Avi Stein

Organist and choir master at Trinity Church in New York.

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Will Calhoun & Jaron Lanier

Will is a Grammy Award-winning drummer and one of the founders of In Living Colour.

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Jaron is a composer, futurist, and one of the founders of virtual reality.

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Nathalie Joachim & Roomful of Teeth

Nathalie is a composer, flautist, and singer.

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Roomful of Teeth is a Grammy Award-winning vocal group exploring the limits of the human voice.

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John Storyk & Elita Kang

John is an architect and acoustician.

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Elita is a violinist who is Assistant Concertmaster at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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