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New Orleans' long history of political dysfunction and complicated racial dynamics gets a new lease on life when Stacy Head, a polarizing white woman, wins a seat on the city council after Katrina. Four years later, she needs to get black votes to be re-elected. But will her record of blunt racial talk doom her chances? GETTING BACK TO ABNORMAL follows the unlikely odd couple of Head and her irrepressible black political advisor Barbara Lacen-Keller as they try to navigate New Orleans' treacherous political scene.

With its cast of only-in-New-Orleans characters, GETTING BACK TO ABNORMAL is a provocative and amusing look at race in America, set against the backdrop of New Orleans' rich culture.

GETTING BACK TO ABNORMAL also features provocative commentary from New Orleans cultural figures like Treme creator David Simon, ex-councilman Oliver Thomas, historian Raphael Cassimere, radio hosts Paul Beaulieu and John Slade, and attorney Buddy Lemann.

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