1. How do you have to campaign in Hawaii?
a. Stand on a corner wearing a colorful lei holding the biggest sign you can and wave at all the passing traffic.
b. Shake hands in front of girls dancing the hula.
c. Pass out potato chips with your picture on the package.
d. All of the above.


2. What is Newt Gingrich's advice for the best campaign slogan?
a. Create the best hook (like "Linda for Literacy").
b. Include the word &#147revolution” to show people you mean business.
c. Change your name to something less ordinary.
d. Make a statement that leaves an impression.


3. Why does Mario Cuomo say that no one would watch the Lincoln-Douglas debates on television?
a. No one knows who Lincoln or Douglas are.
b. People are more interested in Millard Fillmore.
c. The debate would be competing with such other programs as naked women mud wrestling.
d. The Civil War is still too sensitive an issue


4. What would Thomas Jefferson's opponent have blamed him for if attack ads were common in 1800?
a. Banning powdered wigs in Congress.
b. Importing the French Revolution's Reign of Terror to the United States.
c. Subverting the Alien and Sedition Acts.
d. Requiring every President to be from Virginia.


5. What would Buddy Cianci, the five-term Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, do to get votes?
a. Kiss a pig in public.
b. Pose with a married couple during their wedding pictures.
c. Tap dance with a senior citizen tap dance drill team.
d. All of the above.


6. What is Texas lobbyist Babe Schwartz's advice on succeeding in politics?
a. Don't pay by check for your extramarital activities.
b. Hire as many lobbyists as you can to help spread the good word.
c. Convince the public that you're sincere and honest and that you conduct yourself properly at all times. And once you learn to fake that you've got it made.
d. All of the above.


7. What sorts of questions do constituents ask Alderman in the City of Chicago?
a. What color shirt to wear in the big parade.
b. How to protect themselves from gamma rays.
c. Where the best place is to catch the bus.
d. Can they have their tax bracket changed.


8. What is Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown's advice to get elected?
a. Focus on television ads.
b. Out spend your opponent on as many forms of publicity as possible.
c. Pray.
d. All of the above.


9. When first-time Congressional candidate Maggie Lauterer ran for office in North Carolina, what was one of her biggest complaints?
a. Her husband kept complaining that he hadn't had a home cooked meal in months.
b. She got nervous making speeches.
c. She got tired from driving back and forth across the state.
d. The election was far too partisan.


10. What was Kathleen Brown's secret weapon in her unsuccessful race for governor of California?
a. Public television coverage.
b. The Plan (an economic plan to restructure California that no one read).
c. Her brother Jerry's radio talk show.
d. Strong support at food processing plants.

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