New Projects

The Unholy Alliance: Gerrymandering's Surprising History

NEW for 2018! Both political parties have always played the redistricting game. But some of today's battles have roots in a civil rights case decided by the Supreme Court 30 years ago. A surprising story of strange political bedfellows. A RetroReport production in partnership with the New York Times.

Postcards from the Great Divide

Nine short documentaries produced by leading American independent filmmakers examining the deeply partisan split among the American electorate. Providing clues as to what happened in rhe 2016 elections, the series shows how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come. Stream all nine films!

Buckwheat's World

The late, great Louisiana zydeco legend Stanley Dural Jr, better known as Buckwheat Zydeco, spent much of his life on the road, spreading joy wherever he and his band appeared. Our web series creates a portrait of this amazing artist in his final years, as well as a rich picture of his southwest Louisiana culture.

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Getting Back to Abnormal is available for streaming

Getting Back to Abnormal received its broadcast premiere on the pioneering PBS documentary series P.O.V. Catch it online here.

You can stream all of CNAM's films by visiting our VHX shop.