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CONFLUENCE: Art, Science, and Creativity

People have always sought for ways to make sense of a random and chaotic universe--some via art, some via science, some via faith and culture. CONFLUENCE: Art, Science, and Creativity [w.t.] is a documentary series for public television that will illuminate how unexpected connections between art and science have fostered creativity throughout history until today, and how understanding these synergies enables us to better understand our world.

Through a range of interconnected stories and resonant voices, CONFLUENCE will illustrate the extent to which art and science are rooted in common instincts; reveal how artists and scientists often travel parallel paths and borrow from each other as they pursue their creative quests; and underscore the importance of teaching and understanding art and science -- the defining enterprises of humankind.

Viewers will meet some of today's most innovative thinkers and their work, spanning cutting-edge science, new directions in art, and the latest in popular culture. Throughout, CONFLUENCE will provide audiences with fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Simply put, science would be lost without art, and art lost without science. CONFLUENCE tells the story of how and why they always have been -- and always will be -- beautifully etched sides of the same coin.

CONFLUENCE is a production of the Center for New American Media in New York in association with the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The series has been created by award-winning filmmakers Louis Alvarez and Andrew Kolker and Christopher Groban. Executive Producer is award-winning PBS veteran Marion Lear Swaybill.


Regardless of your political beliefs, if you want to change the system, you first need to understand how it works. For thirty years, that's what our films have been about. Now, we're reaching into our archives and shooting fresh footage to help tell a new story - one which can help us understand how we've gotten to where we are today and point the way towards a deeper understanding of how American politics affects our future. This is POLITICOS - a positive, hands-on way of thinking about politics in a negative world.

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